Yay, finally it is happening. This is my very first post on my blog. I am very excited to be sharing this journey with you. You might ask, why the name “Areye”. The name “Areye” meaning let’s go is connected to a lot of my childhood memories. The words reminded me of the so many adventures I had with my childhood friends. We would often leave home in the early hours of the morning, go collect other friends, and we would use the phrase “Areye “to get everyone moving. We would then venture into the mountains and other areas to only come back late hours of the evening. These childhood memories evoked a sense of adventure and curiosity.

Early Travelling Memories

My love affair with travel started at an early age. I have early memories of a school trip to Durban, situated on the eastern coast of South Africa. I remember singing on the school bus and the smell of the ocean. It was one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen. The image of the ocean stayed with me and twelve years later, I moved down to Durban to start my career as a Pilot.

My first trip to other African countries was to Victoria Falls, in Zimbabwe. One word to describe the falls,” majestic”. My first trip out of the continent was to Ireland via London where I met up with my University friends. I remember when I got off the flight in London, the smell of cold, crisp air. I knew then that whatever I am going to do in my life, it will involve traveling the world. To date, I have travelled to more than 30 countries and many more interesting cities.

Areye Stories

Areye stories combine my passion for aviation, storytelling, social impact, and the love for traveling. I wanted to humanize the places I visit by sharing stories of people and their communities while advocating for a sustainable travel sector.

Areye’s Mission

P: People: – To support people and communities we visit while celebrating and respecting their local cultures
P: Planet: – To raise awareness about responsible and sustainable travel
P: Partnerships: – To partner and engage multiple stakeholders to work together to achieve a sustainable tourism industry.
I am looking forward to sharing my “AREYE “Stories with you and learning more about your “AREYE” stories.

Countries I have travelled to